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Where Now?

Just got your exam results?

Wondering what to do now?

Don't worry. Whatever your results were there's plenty of information and advice out there to help you decide what's best for you.


Apprenticeships are a way to gain formal qualifications and valuable job specific skills.

Be the Boss

Helping young people to set up in business.


Clearing allows students to find  university courses that have available places.

Cymraeg - Opportunities

Why not continue to use your Cymraeg skills? Discover the bilingual opportunities that are available.

Find a course

There are lots of courses to choose from. Use our course finder.


Find out what support is available to help meet the cost of your learning.

Getting a Job

Get into the world of work.

Higher Education

Applying for higher education.

Jobs Growth Wales

A six month paid job opportunity, giving you work experience to kick-start your career.

School and College

Continuing your learning at school or college.


Skills to prepare you for the world of work.


Volunteering is a good way of gaining skills, experience, and making your CV stand out.

Where Now? 5 routes to consider...

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