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Write applications

Employers set application questions. They decide whether to interview you based on how well you answer the questions. 

Write an application that gets you an interview.

Before you start 

  • Read the job description carefully to find out about the job
  • Research the company online. Some companies may also have tips for filling out their applications
  • Collect your CV, other applications you've completed, and information from Your Profile to use as a guide
  • Practise your answers first. This means you can make sure you get it right

As you fill out the application

Read the application questions carefully to make sure you understand what you need to do

  • Make sure that you follow the instructions exactly
  • Put down as much information as you can to answer each question
  • Be honest. Use examples from your own life
  • Be accurate. Double check dates and names to make sure they are correct

After you complete the application

  • Check the spelling and grammar. Make sure there are no spelling mistakes or typing errors
  • Make sure that everything you’ve written is correct. Double check dates and names to make sure they are accurate
  • Save a copy of the job application. You can then use it as a base for other applications. You can also refer back to see what you have written if the employer asks you to interview or phones you

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