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Covering Letters and emails

Writing a covering letter or e-mail to send with your job application or CV

You will usually need to email or send a letter with your CV (and sometimes application) introducing yourself to the employer.

A covering email or letter is important as it is your first contact with the employer. Make a good first impression in your covering letter / email, and the employer is more likely to read your CV.

Put the following information in your e-mail or covering letter in this order:

  1. State the job you are applying for and the job reference number if there is one
  2. Say where you saw the job advertised (for example, on Indeed)
  3. Write a short paragraph summarising the main skills you have. (Make sure that the skills you put in match the skills the employer is asking for)
  4. Thank the employer for their time. You might want to add something like ‘I look forward to hearing from you soon’
  5. If you start ‘Dear Sir’ or ‘Dear Madam’, you should end ‘Yours faithfully’. You use ‘Yours sincerely’ only if you are writing to somebody by name. Don’t use ‘Yours truly’ or any other endings

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