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Going to University

Going to University

You could be spending 3 or more years studying the course and living at the university you choose.  Funding your time at university will also be a big financial investment.

There are a lot of decisions to think through …

  • What subject? Which course?
  • Full-time or part-time?
  • What about a sandwich degree course?
  • What are the job prospects?
  • Which university? 
  • Campus or town university?
  • How will I fund my studies and living costs?

and more…

So, it’s really important to research all your options and give yourself plenty of time to decide.

We can get you started on choosing the right course and the right university and making your application.     

Don’t leave it until the last minute! Start your research and planning and get ready for UCAS.

We can help you with…

Not sure about university?

Going to university is a big decision which will need funding, so if you are not sure, or maybe it’s not the right time, it is worth taking time to think through other options:

Job Information

Search for information on 100's of different job titles.

Which course? Which university?

Preparing for aptitude and admissions tests

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