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Our Cookie Policy

At Careers Wales we use cookies to improve the performance of the Careers Wales website, and to make sure that you have the best possible experience when browsing our site. This cookie policy explains what cookies are, how our site utilises them, and how you can disable them if you decide against using them. 

So, what are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which a website may store on your computer to perform a certain function. For example, a cookie might be used when a website needs to remember who you are in order to point you towards content that matches up well with your previous visits.

Some cookies will be used to store personal information about your visit; a website that allows you to ‘remember me’ during a log-in process might store your username to ensure that you only have to enter it once, and by doing so make your subsequent visits easier. However, most cookies won’t collect such personal information and will instead collect more general details such as the page within the site that you have visited the most. 

Ok, what sort of cookies are used on the Careers Wales website? 
We have three different types of cookie on the Careers Wales website: 

1. System cookies 

These cookies are essential for the Careers Wales website to work properly. For example, some cookies allow us to use Google Maps to display a geographic representation of all the courses and vacancies that we hold within our databases, while others help us to serve the Careers Wales website content to you in either English or Welsh. 

2. Performance Cookies 

These cookies are used to check how well the Careers Wales website is performing, and the number of people who access the site. We generally use Google Analytics to keep a track of what pages are most popular with our users, and areas of the site that are not so popular and might be in need of an update. 

3. Logged-In Cookies

 We use Logged-in cookies to store your current status when you’re logged in, and make sure that the system remembers that you’re logged-in as you, wherever you might be on the site. See our full list of cookies.

So what do I do if I don’t want you to use cookies at all? 

Well, our terms and conditions state that by using our site you are consenting to our using cookies to help maximise your Careers Wales website experience; however, if you really do want to disable the cookies on our site then please read our guide on how to disable cookies in your browser. 

Before you disable cookies within your browser, it’s important to note that by turning cookies off you may prevent certain sections of our site from working correctly. 

More Information 

If you require any further information regarding this Cookie Policy please contact us by email at

This document was last updated on 23rd May 2018.